A black and silver Unimotor servo motor sits against a white background.
Gear Motors
DC gear motors that crank out high levels of torque at low speeds
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Gear motors combine a gear and motor into a single unit, offering numerous advantages such as cost-effectiveness, design simplification, product integration, high torque at low speeds, and long life. Nidec Motor Corporation manufactures top-quality DC gear motors under several reputable brands. Our engineering teams excel at creating custom-made DC gear motors that meet specific customer specifications and provide superior quality.

The HURST® brand, established over 65 years ago from a family-owned tool shop in Princeton, Indiana, has a long-standing reputation for crafting durable precision motors. Now part of the global Nidec Motor Corporation, HURST continues to provide cost-effective and reliable DC gear motors across various industries and applications.

Since its founding in 1919 in France, the LEROY-SOMER™ brand has been synonymous with excellence and innovation. Known for creating high-performing gear motors that meet industrial demands in both standard and special environments, LEROY-SOMER gear motors are designed to reduce speed while delivering high output torque. These products are both energy-efficient and long-lasting, ensuring dependable performance.

The MERKLE-KORFF™ brand pioneered the gear motor field by creating the world’s first small gear motor in the 1920s. It also revolutionized the soft drink industry with the development of the simple cup-drop motor for soft drink machines. Today, MERKLE-KORFF continues to innovate with compact, lightweight designs that deliver high torque when needed. These DC gear motors are known for their cost-effectiveness, energy efficiency, and long-lasting reliability.