Large AC Motors
Large AC motors drive customer systems with cost-saving efficiency
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The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) sets the standards for motor efficiency, size, and power output. With a rich history of manufacturing IEC motors under various premier brands, Nidec Motor Corporation is proud to produce energy-efficient and durable motors that customers can rely on. We offer both stock motors and customized IEC motors tailored to exact specifications.

Since its inception in 1919, the LEROY-SOMER™ brand has been synonymous with superior products. Originating in France, the brand quickly built a reputation for high-quality alternators, motors, and drive systems. Today, LEROY-SOMER continues to produce powerful IEC motors known for their energy efficiency and reliability, ensuring your processes run smoothly and dependably.

Established in 1908, the U.S. MOTORS® brand has a long-standing tradition of excellence in motor craftsmanship, upheld by Nidec Motor Corporation. Our IEC-compliant motors are not only energy-efficient but also exceptionally reliable, suitable for a wide range of industry applications. Using our IEC motors can help reduce energy costs and minimize maintenance downtime, making them a smart investment for any business.