Freedom Series

After years of research and development a new model of excellence in the elevator industry appears as Canton Elevator introduces Freedom Roped Hydraulic Elevators.  The newest of our advanced holeless hydraulic elevator systems has become the simplest and quickest package on the market to assemble and install. 

Freedom offers travels from 25- to 80-ft. in 2000 and 2500-lb. capacities and is manufactured using the same principles as our standard hydraulic application.  In high rise hydraulic applications, Freedom has become the alternative to the more expensive traction types – requiring no costly drilling and very little overhead.

Servicing the Freedom was not forgotten! We made sure that every component is absolutely visible and easily accessible. This essential feature will benefit your customer by providing the prospect of reduced maintenance costs and short downtimes.

Finally, quality is important to our business because we value our customers. The unsurpassed design and the high standards to which we adhere in the manufacturing of our equipment assure quality and attention to the smallest of details in every Freedom component

Explore our elevators here:

Freedom In-Ground

Freedom Dual Holeless Single Stage

Freedom Dual Holeless Two Stage

Freedom Dual Roped

Freedom Cantilever Roped

Freedom Cantilever Holeless

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