A global reputation for delivering high-quality compressor motors

The global compressor market has grown rapidly over the past decades and is expected to continue growing. This demand means that you need a partner who is well-positioned to supply you with high-quality and reliable compressor motors for your products. Nidec, as the largest electric motor maker in the world, is the ideal choice to supply your compressor motor needs. We’ve been supplying superior motors to the compressor industry for decades, and several of our brands have been pioneering the motor industry for over a century.



Our SR DRIVE® brand systems not only deliver very high efficiency but also maintain this efficiency over the full operating range of most pumps and compressors. In some cases, the high operating speeds available from SR Drive systems enables the motor to be direct-coupled to the final application, removing the need for speed-increasing gears or belts and their associated setup and maintenance. Precise variable-speed control eliminates the need for inefficient bypass systems, enabling dramatic reductions in operating costs. There are thousands of pumps and compressors in use worldwide powered by drive systems developed by this brand.



Our U.S. MOTORS® brand has built a strong reputation for crafting innovative motors and drives that serve a variety of commercial and industrial applications. If you need a compressor motor that supplies both energy efficiency and longevity, you’ll be delighted with a U.S. MOTORS brand product. Our engineering teams excel at creating customized solutions designed to keep your equipment running like the well-oiled machines they are.