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Compressor motors with proven reliability and performance
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The U.S. MOTORS® brand, manufactured by Nidec Motor Corporation, is one of the oldest and most respected in the motor industry. Today, our brand is recognized worldwide as a leader of technological innovation in industrial and compressor motors. We offer a wide range of motors specifically designed to meet the unique needs of the compressor industry. Our products are designed to be safe, energy-efficient and durable.

When you need a motor designed for rotary screw, reciprocating or centrifugal compressor applications, trust our U.S. MOTORS brand products to provide custom-made or stock solutions. Let us put more than 100 years of expert engineering and design to work for you. If our extensive stock motor inventory won’t fit your needs, our Commercial Engineering group can customize or design a compressor motor specifically for your application.

OEM Customized Designs: We understand the unique challenges of powering compressors, from specialized bearings and shafts to the management of starting and breakdown torques. Our goal is to design a product fit to your specific requirements rather than taking a “one size fits all” approach.

Application Engineering: If your compressor specifications require an engineered to order motor, our experienced engineering teams will design a customized solution for your application. Whether building a brand-new product or redesigning an existing line for better performance and reliability, we have the technical engineering team that can offer the perfect solution.



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Air and Gas Compressor Series

  • FHP IHP Single Phase
    • ODP/TEFC enclosures
    • 0.25 HP to 10 HP
    • 60 hertz; 50 hertz available
    • 115/208-230V
    • 3600, 1800 RPM
    • Frame 48, 56, 140, 180, 210 NEMA
    • High starting and break down torque
    • Class F and Class B insulation
    • High efficiency capacitor start/capacitor run designs
    • Continuous duty at nameplate ratings
    • Low amp draw designs for 115V/60 Hz applications
    • Ball bearings
    • Long life start switch and centrifugal mechanism
    • Thermal protection; manual reset or auto-reset
    • UL Recognized and CSA Certified 
  • FHP IHP Three Phase
    • ODP/TEFC enclosures
    • 0.25 HP to 400 HP
    • 60 hertz; 50 hertz available
    • 208-230/460V, 200V & 575V available
    • 3600, 1800, 1200, 900 RPM
    • Frame 48-449
    • Class F insulation
    • 1.15 service factor
    • Double shielded bearings
    • Thermal protection available
    • UL Recognized and CSA Certified
  • TITAN 5000 Frame Horizontal Motor
    • ODP, WPI, WPII, TEFC, TEACC and TEWAC enclosures
    • 150 TO 4000 HP
    • 400 through 3600 RPM
    • 380V through 6900 voltage 50 or 60 hertz
    • 449 through 9600 frame
    • Class F insulation (standard); optional Class H insulation
    • Antifriction ball bearings (standard); optional sleeve bearings
    • Standard, Energy and Premium Efficiency levels
  • TITAN Horizontal Motors
    • ODP, WPI and WPII enclosures
    • Adjustable main conduit box location heights
    • Low labor F1 and F2 field convertible
    • Cast iron frame, covers, louvers and brackets
    • F3 assembly position on ODP/WPI
    • API®† 547 capability
    • 315 IEC frame mounting
    • Tri-drilled mounting holes (3 frame sizes)
    • Renk®† sleeve bearings
    • Internal frame routing of optional BTDs
    • Flexible accessory box locations

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    This line of horizontal, cast-iron TEFC motors provides world-class design, exceptional quality and global functionality. Available in 0.5 to 250 kW as both NEMA and IEC compliant options. WORLD MOTOR products are a suitable choice for heavy industrial use in all compressor industrials. Click here for more information on the innovative WORLD MOTOR line.