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Innovation Inspired By You. Built by U.S. – Pool owners will experience more fun and less worry with our U.S. MOTORS® brand pool and spa motors. We put more into our durable and energy-efficient pool and spa motors so you can get more out of them. 

Whether you’re looking for a new pool and spa motor or a replacement pool pump motor, you can count on our motors to work harder for you.  

Our different mounting solutions:

  • Round-flange/C-face pool motor -- threaded and keyed shaft
  • Square-flange pool motor
  • Thrubolt mounted - threaded shaft above ground pool

Our motor applications:

  • Variable-speed pool motor
  • Commercial pool pump motor
  • Residential pool pump motor
  • Single-speed pool motor
  • Spa motor
  • Two-speed pool motor

U.S. MOTORS has designed reliable and innovative motors with our customers in mind for over 100 years! Check out this testimonial from one of our customers.  

U.S. MOTOR pool motors have been an absolute game-changer for our store. As a store owner specializing in pumps, reliability and efficiency are paramount and they deliver on both fronts. Their motors are not only built to last, but they also operate with impressive energy efficiency, helping our customers save on utility costs while keeping their pool  running smoothly.

What truly sets them apart is their commitment to innovation and quality. Every Nidec pool motor we've sold has been a testament to their dedication to excellence.

But perhaps the most remarkable aspect of U.S. MOTORS is their reliability. Offering a 3 year warranty on their Neptune line definitely instills confidence and helps the customer make the obvious decision. - Perry Lusk, Perry's Pool Pump (Phoenix, AZ)

Neptune® products integrate with new or existing pumps and connect with customers' existing time clocks for worry-free operation. Read more on our full product line below or find out how much energy costs you can save by switching to a Neptune pool pump motor with our Pool Pump Savings Calculator.

The new Neptune 3.45 HP variable speed motor with integrated controls is designed for large residential pools, offering energy efficiency and easy operation.

Our Neptune Hybrid™ is a cost-effective, energy-efficient motor offering significant energy savings for homeowners. It meets proposed efficiency regulations from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) which are expected to take effect in 2025. 


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