• Overview

The right motor for virtually any application can be found in the U.S. MOTORS® brand product portfolio. Nidec Motor Corporation manufactures general and special purpose motors from 1/4 horsepower through 4,000 horsepower. From commercial and residential motors for pools, spas, and heating and air conditioning applications to specialty motors engineered to address the severe environments inherent in oil and gas manufacturing, our product line contains motors perfectly suited to meet and exceed any challenge.

Just some of the applications our high-quality motors excel at meeting include:

  • Agriculture Motors. For use in farm and agriculture duty applications.
  • Brakemotors. For bulk material handling equipment, conveyor cranes and hoists.
  • Commercial Duty Pump Motors. For use on chiller, condensate and other HVACR duty pumps, booster, irrigation, dishwasher and parts washer pumps, along with many other commercial duty applications.
  • General Purpose Motors. For general industrial equipment including fans, blowers, compressors, pumps and direct connected equipment.
  • Hazardous Location Motors. For pumps, fans, compressors, blowers, conveyors and general industrial equipment in hazardous locations as defined by class and group.
  • HVACR Motors. For use in condensing units, furnaces, evaporative coolers, commercial package equipment and conditioned air systems.
  • Pool and Spa Motors. For use in commercial and residential pools and spas.
  • Residential Water System Pump Motors. For use on jet pumps, booster pumps, lawn sprinkler pumps, and other centrifugal pump applications.
  • Variable Speed Motors and Drives. For use in applications requiring variable-speed drive systems, such as conveyors, cranes, fans and pumps.
  • Vertical Motors. For use on turbine, mix flow and propeller pumps for the agriculture, turf, municipal and industrial markets.
  • Washdown Motors. For use in food, beverage or chemical processing plants in which the motor is routinely exposed to high-pressure washdowns, high humidity or caustic chemicals.

Nidec Motor Corporation’s U.S. MOTORS brand motors provide high efficiency performance when you need it most. Whatever commercial or residential application you need to fill, chances are our products can save you time, money and maintenance headaches. We also have talented engineering teams that can custom-fit solutions to address the unique challenges you face if one of our stock motors isn’t quite right.