HVAC - RESCUE motors make unexpected replacements a breeze
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RESCUE® permanent replacement condenser fan and direct drive blower motors ensure contractors always have the right motor on hand to get the job done.  RESCUE motors are easily installed and replace a variety of different horsepower applications eliminating the need for temporary substitutions, extra drive time back to the wholesaler and emergency openings in the evening.

  • Multi-horsepower rated
  • All angle mounting
  • Flex mounting with Kit 44
  • Belly band mounting with Kit 17
  • Resilient mount utilizing 2.5" hub rings
  • Exclusive Rheem and Ruud side shell holes
  • Extended studs
  • Quiet bearing system

The RESCUE line of HVAC motors is part of the U.S. MOTORS® brand product family.  Ask for RESCUE, the motor which has earned first place in the market as The Ultimate Truck Stock Motor™.


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