RESCUE Select Truck Stock
RESCUE Truck Stock
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Easy-to-install ECM aftermarket constant torque blower motors for OEM replacement

RESCUE® SELECT® Truck Stock is a universal high-efficient EC motor designed as a drop-in replacement. These intuitive motors match airflow targets across all major OEM brands and can be programmed at the supplier to +/- 3% of the original performance in less than 90 seconds, eliminating the need to wait for an OEM brand.

Generic replacement motor manufacturers use maximum horsepower as the highest torque point and then assume the amount of torque needed for each succeeding point on the five taps offered. This guesswork often eliminates the unit’s energy efficiency.  For example, in the 1/2 HP size alone there are more than 625 different OEM profiles, each tap with a different speed/HP program.

From the U.S. MOTORS® brand product family, RESCUE Select Truck Stock is your pre-programmed solution out of the box that saves both time and money.

Replaces X13®† and SelecTech® constant torque ECM motors.

• Pre-Programmed solution out of the box
• Programmable in the field using Bluetooth®† app and K33B tool
• Easy to install
• 6000V surge protection
• Fully potted electronic module
• Motor and module technology creates smooth, quiet speed changes
• Two-year warranty
• 3 sizes: 1, 3/4 and 1/2-1/3 HP
• 115 or 208-230 Volts


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