Brushless DC Motors BLDC
Brushless DC motors pay for themselves in saved maintenance time
  • Overview

Nidec Motor Corporation has been manufacturing products under its U.S. MOTORS® brand since 1908, and that longevity in the motor industry translates to efficient, reliable products your company can trust. Our capable engineering teams can design the ideal brushless DC motors for your system.

Brushless DC motors are well-suited for applications requiring high levels of efficiency, reliability and power-to-volume ratio. BLDC motors can crank out a great deal of torque at a variable range of speeds. Their increased reliability from not needing to replace brushes or physical commutators translates to increased savings for your company. A BLDC motor typically more than pays back its initial investment in the amount of saved maintenance time alone.

Our BLDC motors are often used in air conditioners, washing machines, dishwashers and other home appliances, as well as in under-floor heating systems, HVAC pumping, water heaters and other housing equipment. Chances are that Nidec Motor Corporation offers a U.S. MOTORS brand brushless DC motor to save you both time and money. Even if that’s not the case, we can easily custom-design a solution for your BLDC motor needs.