Leroy-Somer® and Kato Engineering provide power generation expertise and solutions to the Utility Power industry including: investor-owned, publicly-owned, cooperatives, and nationalized.

Utility Power expertise

Based on our in-depth knowledge of the electric power industry supply chain including power producers, distributors, and applications, we offer solutions dedicated to industrial installations and equipment.


  • Utility power
  • Peak shaving

Knowledge of prime mover

  • Diesel and gas engines
  • Gas or steam turbines

Regulatory requirements and technical specifications

Leroy-Somer and Kato Engineering design power generation systems that comply with numerous international standards (IEC, NEMA, ISO …), specific regulation such as Grid code compliance and meet/exceed industry standards for performance, reliability, maintainability and compactness.

On request, specific approvals can be obtained.


A global network of certified Service Centers can provide repairs and maintenance of products for the Utility Power industry. Everywhere in the world, there is a service center able to take care of your needs.