Leader2Leader Program

Leader2Leader Development Program at Nidec

History & Purpose
At Nidec, we believe that strong leadership is the cornerstone of our success. Launched in 2018, our Leader2Leader Development Program is designed to challenge, strengthen, and build a team of influential leaders. This program focuses on enhancing existing leadership behaviors, leadership competencies, and strategic-thinking capabilities. Our extensive program helps participants cultivate the skills and strategies necessary to excel in their roles and drive Nidec’s business goals forward.

This high-level internal training initiative is available to Senior Managers and above. Beyond developing key human capital, the program aims to spotlight participants and their contributions, preparing them for greater opportunities in training and leadership at Nidec.


Program Schedule
The Leader2Leader Development Program spans a six-month timeframe, broken into three development modules. Each module is conducted over a consecutive three-day format, ensuring an immersive and focused learning experience. Throughout the program, various intersession events are held, offering continuous engagement and development opportunities.

Participants will benefit from a mix of in-house and off-site events, presented by both internal and external resources. This diverse approach ensures a comprehensive learning experience that equips our leaders with the tools they need to succeed.

Graduates of our Leader2Leader (L2L) Development Program don’t just finish with new skills—they step into new opportunities. The program is a gateway to potential inclusion in Nidec Corporate Japan’s Leadership Development Program and beyond. By integrating so many facets of our business, we ensure our leaders are on the path to success in their future roles. Will you be one of them? Embark on your path to leadership excellence with Nidec. Check out our open positions.