Stage and entertainment
Stage and entertainment
Take performances to the next level with precise, safe and silent AC & Servo drive automation technology
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Driving technology in stage and entertainment automation

Used all over the world in the most prestigious theatres, sporting venues, movie production sets and theme parks, Control Techniques drive and motor solutions have been key players in the automation of entertainment related industries over the last three decades. This includes the Sydney Opera House, Hollywood blockbuster films and the Super Bowl.

Evolving technology has contributed to higher levels of performance, creating ever-more complex motion and synchronisation with scenery, props, lighting and sound, helping to shape the possibilities of dramatic effect in theatrical and amusement park installations. Simultaneously, it has ensured the safety of performers, audiences and thrill-seekers in many indoor and outdoor venues, on land and even at sea.

Key benefits

  • Silent operation of automation equipment during performances
  • Increased safety systems where people and heavy moving parts are in close proximity
  • Maximising the capacity of venues with more stage performances possible and quicker production changeovers
  • Modularisation and distributed control of stage solutions to maximise flexibility and touring capabilities
  • Enhancing reliability and repeatability of equipment
  • Easier and reduced maintenance of stage effects
  • Compact equipment in locations where space is at a premium
  • Energy saving solutions through the use of drive regeneration capabilities 

Typical applications include

  • Stage and scenery automation for theatres, cruise ships and touring performances
    • Upper/lower stage machinery, hoists and platform control
    • Lighting rigging and array automation
    • Multiple backdrops/screen operation
    • Automatic safety curtain
  • Sports simulators
  • Theme park rides
  • Film stunts often involving rigging and accurate hoist control


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