Permanent Magnet Motors
Permanent magnet AC motors with exceptional efficiency and speed control
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Permanent magnet AC (PMAC) motors are renowned for their high energy efficiency, precise speed control, and low operating temperatures, resulting in long-lasting performance. These motors offer high power density relative to their size. Nidec manufactures reliable PMAC motors under several trusted brands, with the ability to customize them to meet specific requirements.

The HURST® brand, founded in 1950 as a small family-owned tool shop, has grown into a well-regarded name in the motor industry. Now part of the world's largest electric motor manufacturer, HURST produces PMAC motors known for their exceptional efficiency and torque. Customers rely on HURST for durable, high-value motors that consistently meet or exceed expectations.

Originating in 1908 in Los Angeles, California, the U.S. MOTORS® brand is a symbol of efficiency and reliability. As part of Nidec Motor Corporation, U.S. MOTORS offers PMAC motors that excel in various industries, particularly in applications requiring high efficiency and variable-speed options. Trust U.S. MOTORS for dependable, high-efficiency permanent magnet motors that meet your specific needs.