Variable Speed Motors
Variable speed motors that provide both high power and cost-effectiveness
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Variable speed motors offer numerous benefits across various applications, including precise motor control and enhanced energy efficiency. By adjusting speed as needed, these motors optimize energy use, avoiding the constant high-speed operation that wastes energy. Nidec is a trusted manufacturer of superior variable speed motors, with experienced engineers ready to customize solutions to your exact specifications.

Under the LEROY-SOMER™ brand, Nidec produces globally recognized variable speed motors known for their energy efficiency and reliability. These motors offer several advantages, including compact dimensions with excellent power output, cost-effectiveness, reduced maintenance needs, and a wide speed range. Depend on the LEROY-SOMER brand for the power and precision you need to get the job done right.

The U.S. MOTORS® brand features the dynamic and dependable ACCU-Series™ line of variable speed motors. This product line allows you to pair a U.S. MOTORS brand inverter duty motor with a drive or panel from Nidec Motor Corporation. Alternatively, you can choose motors and controls fully integrated into one seamless package. Whether you select an off-the-shelf motor or a fully customized product, our variable speed motors deliver ultimate energy efficiency and reliability.