Water & Wastewater
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The water and wastewater industry can present challenges for the longevity and health of motors. Nidec offers tough, ruggedly-constructed water and wastewater motors you can trust. We enforce rigid engineering and manufacturing standards for our water and wastewater motors, both internally and with our suppliers. We continually raise the bar on quality standards and work diligently to meet exacting application demands. Support after the sale includes constant field monitoring ensuring you receive the utmost in product reliability.


The CONTROL TECHNIQUES™ brand offers intelligence optimization in its water and wastewater drive solutions. We believe in taking an innovative approach to clean and waste water asset management. You can depend on us to give you both compact sizes and superior reliability. Our products offer improved availability and throughput. They also reduce energy consumption and minimize the downtime that can be so damaging to a company’s bottom line.


The HURST® brand has built a stellar reputation as an innovative producer of electric motors. Since its inception in 1950 as a small family tool shop, the HURST brand has seen three generations of that family continue its legacy of providing superior quality and reliability. We know how important longevity and efficiency are in the water and wastewater industry – and you can depend on us for both.


The LEROY-SOMER™ brand is dedicated to offering environmentally-friendly solutions without compromising quality and reliability in its water and wastewater motors. We also offer entire drives solutions for various water and wastewater applications. You can count on the LEROY-SOMER brand to optimize the life cycle cost and environmental impact of your products thanks to our innovative motors and drives.


Nidec is proud to offer the water/wastewater industry one of the oldest and most respected brands in industrial motors…the U.S. MOTORS® brand. Since 1908, this brand has stood for exceptional product reliability and performance. In 1922, we introduced the patented Vertical HOLLOSHAFT® high-thrust motor, which continues to be recognized worldwide as the most used and specified motor in the water/wastewater industry.