Eddie Hall, brand ambassador of Control Techniques Eddie Hall and Control Techniques the variable speed drives specialist

Experience Eddie Hall

Control Techniques, based in Newtown, has operations in 44 countries, and is excited to have sealed the deal with Eddie.

Anthony Pickering, president of Control Techniques, said: “We’ve been through some transformations recently – new owners, new products on the horizon – and wanted a symbol we could use to demonstrate our re-discovered confidence.
Control Techniques is, and always will be, a specialist company. We make drives, and drive-related technologies, and we have 45 years of heritage based on that. The idea of working with another British specialist who has competed – and won – on a global stage appealed greatly to us.

“Since 1973 we have a history of making bold decisions, and working with Eddie is the latest in a long line of firsts from Control Techniques. We’re looking forward to seeing people’s reactions when they see what we have in store with Eddie.”

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Photoshooting Eddie Hall the strongest man in the worldEddie Hall and Control Techniques, two powerful forces unite
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