Advanced User Guides

Unidrive M300 Control User Guide

This guide contains more comprehensive information about Unidrive M’s control stage (on all frame sizes). It is ideal for users who would like to use menu 0 to its full potential, using features such as advanced motor control with RFC mode. The guide includes information including:

  • All information in the control quick start guide (with more detail)
  • Drive and Motor optimisation techniques
  • Advanced Menu Parameter list and diagrams
  • Using onboard PLC
Unidrive M300 Power Installation Guide

The power installation guides provides comprehensive information about the best practices to follow when installing Unidrive M in all conditions. Additional details found in the Power installation guides include:

  • Comprehensive safety information
  • Full 24 digit part number explanation
  • Voltage and Power rating details
  • Enclosure & airflow calculations
  • EMC and filters
  • Derating information
  • Routine maintenance
  • Cables and protection requirements

It is advised that the appropriate Power Installation Guide is used in conjunction with the Control User Guide when carrying out an advanced installation of Unidrive M.

Unidrive M300 Parameter Reference Guide

The Parameter Reference Guide gives an explanation including diagrams for every parameter in every menu of Unidrive M. It is available for both Open Loop Mode and RFC Mode parameter sets. The Parameter Reference Guide is ideal for users with an advanced set up where I/O information in the drive may require configuration, or where values may need to be transferred for analysis via I/O or fieldbus.

Advanced User Guides
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