Control Techniques Supports Local Youth Club

Control Techniques Supports Local Youth Club

OCT 06, 2021

Newtown-Creative-Stuff-ClubControl Techniques donated equipment to the Clwb DJ Club, part of the Creative Stuff Newtown youth group. The donation will help equip youngsters and enable them to explore their creativity and technical know-how through music. 

Clwb DJ Club was created in September 2020 to provide social opportunities and DJ workshops for young people through the Covid 19 pandemic.  

"This initiative is all about bringing youngsters together in a safe environment to share their love for music, learn new DJ skills and music instruments", said Karen Cadman, one of the four volunteers of Creative Stuff Newtown. 

The workshops provided by the club allow youngsters to have hands-on experience with music professionals such as Sonny Wharton. 

"We try to provide the kids with workshops that give them the chance to chat and learn from experienced professionals in the music industry. The workshop with Sonny was amazing. He is an amazing guy and such a big name in the music world. The kids loved chatting to him, hear about his career and learn new skills from him." 

Control Techniques donated several branded USB sticks, cable adaptors and power banks, all vital equipment for the activities developed by the club. 

"Control Techniques' donation was essential for the kids because it gives them the right equipment for what we do at the DJ Club, and in other activities of the Creative Stuff Group. The USB drives, for example, allows them to produce, store and share their music safely. Some of these kids don't have access to a laptop or internet connection at home, so this definitely makes a difference for them." 

If you would like to know more about the DJ Club you can visit their Facebook page here

Check out their Instagram account on: @creativestuffnewtown 

Check some of the content produced by the club members on their Mixcloud account here

Get in contact with Creative Stuff Newtown via email


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