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Nidec and Control Techniques understand the tough challenges faced by Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). We make it our priority and mission to take on those challenges and turn them into opportunities for you to excel and stand out from the crowd.

Control Techniques are the masters of world firsts, engineering the first Digital DC drive in 1986, the first Flux Vector Drive in 1989 followed by the first universal AC/Servo Drive in 1996. Since then we have continued to grow and innovate from drives designed to fit the smallest spaces resulting in overall machine footprint reduction to the new multi-protocol solution.

Taking advantage of Nidec businesses globally means creating the perfect solution for OEM machine builders has become second nature to Control Techniques. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide a full range of components, with off the scale service and support to positively build and strengthen partnerships and working relationships.

Key benefits
  • Dedicated OEM account management
  • Matched drives and motors technology
  • Local knowledge
  • Local service
  • Local experience
  • Our Strategy:
       Accelerate our customers’ growth and profitability
       Align with the globalisation of our customers
       Work with new OEMs and grow with them across a wide range of focused industries
Typical applications include
  • Compressors & vacuum pumps
  • Robotics
  • Elevator solutions
  • Industrial refrigeration (fans, pumps and compressors)
  • Material handling & conveyor control systems
  • Tower cranes
  • Test stands
  • Printing machines
  • Packaging equipment
  • Textile machines
  • HVAC systems
  • Electric vehicles
Related products:
  Commander S and Marshal App

Commander S – General purpose micro drives - Making simple applications, simple
0.18 - 4 kW (0.25 - 5 HP)

     Commander C general purpose ac variable speed drives from Control Techniques

Commander C – General Purpose drives - Flexibility for countless applications
0.25 - 132 kW (0.33 - 200 HP)


Unidrive – The ultimate universal high performance and modular AC/servo drive 
0.75 kW - 2.8 MW Heavy Duty (1.0 hp - 4,200 hp)

      Control Techniques Unidrive M750 Servo Drives

Digitax HD – Minimum size, maximum performance servo drives 
200 & 400 V Pulse Duty Servo Drive Systems, 1.5 – 16 A rms

Unimotor hd high dynamic applications servo motor
Unimotor hd – High dynamic AC brushless servo motor series
0.72 - 85.0 Nm (255.0 Nm peak) [6.3 - 757.6 lb-in (2257 lb-in) peak]

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