High performance drive solutions for a wide range of motion control applications


Control Techniques' high performance products combined with our global network of Automation Centres and resellers enable us to solve a wide range of motion control applications.


 industrial refrigeration
Commercial Refrigeration

Control Techniques provides highly reliable and environmentally friendly industrial refrigeration variable speed drives which can significantly reduce energy bills

 Cranes and hoists
Cranes and Hoists

Our drives deliver superior performance, are compact, modular and span a wide power range, making them an ideal solution for crane and hoist applications


Control Techniques drives are used many of the most prestigious theatrical and music venues around the world as well as many large professional sporting events and Hollywood blockbuster films

 forestry and wood working
Forestry and Wood Working 

With our soft starters and variable frequency drives, we can utilize our high torque capability, coupled with the ability to start and stop quickly to maximize operation time by minimizing the wait for transition periods

 heating ventialtion and air conditioning
Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)

General purpose variable frequency AC drives for the HVAC industry provide cost-effective, easy-to-use motor control for HVAC applications that don’t require independent building automation intelligence.

 lifts and elevators
Lifts and Elevators

Unidrive SP AC Drive specially designed and rated to give optimum elevator performance. Control Techniques is a leading supplier of drive technology to the elevator industry, with over 3 million elevators in operation with our control equipment worldwide.

 material handling
Material Handling

Material Handling is concerned with the transport and storage of materials. Drives from Control Techniques provide the power and control to move materials efficiently and safely


Drive systems from Control Techniques can improve your process control to enhance finish quality, plant productivity and yield

 mining cement and aggregate
Mining, Cement and Aggregate
Control Techniques' drives offer the latest in digital technology to provide the ease of set-up and reliability needed in demanding applications
 OEM Machine Manufacturers
OEM Machine Manufacturers

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) provide standard solutions to a particular manufacturing requirement, such as packaging machines, material handling systems or air handling units

 packaging machinary
Packaging Machinery

Packaging machine builders face a variety of challenges, ranging from company and supplier issues to customer demands and competitive pressures

 port and freight terminal machinery
Port and Freight Terminal Machinery
Control Techniques drives and control systems for port and freight applications are compact and flexible, offering the power and control to move materials efficicently and safely.
Control Techniques drive solutions for the printing industry can help insure successful deadlines by improving up-time, reliability and assuring safet
 renewable energy
Renewable Energy Research and Development
Control Techniques' variable speed drives are used to convert electrical energy from renewable energy sources to a form that can be transported through the power grid
 rubber and plastics
Rubber and Plastics

Control Techniques' drives are used in nearly every rubber and plastics application where electric motors are found, providing outstanding reliability, performance, safety, and economy

 test stands
Test Benches
Control Techniques provides products, solutions and services to meet a wide range of test stand applications, wherever the emphasis is on accuracy, dynamism and maximum availability
 water and waste water
Water and Wastewater
Control Techniques presents an innovative approach to managing your clean and waste water assets, combining high reliability and compact size, together with industry specific features onboard the drive
 wires and cables
Wire and Cable
Rugged reliability, application flexibility, conformance to industry standards, and safety features have made our digital AC and DC drives the benchmark for drives in the wire and cable industry
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