Digitax HD M750 Ethernet

Network drive for centralised and decentralised motion applications

Digitax HD M750 Ethernet

Servo Drives and Motors

1.5 A – 16 A with 48 A peak
 200 V 400 V | 0.25 kW - 7.5 kW

The multi-protocol drive that does it all

Digitax M750 is an extremely versatile multi-protocol network drive. It supports EtherNet/IP, Profinet RT and Modubus TCP/IP as well as peer-to-peer synchronisation with RTMoE (Real Time Motion over Ethernet). It also features and onboard Advanced Motion Controller for distributed 1.5 axis motion control.

One servo system for ALL your automation needs

The perfect mix of application-specific features developed into a single solution  

Open, efficient, synchronised Ethernet
Maximise machine productivity through high performance deterministic Ethernet. Access future developments in IT-based industries where billions of nodes are installed, future proofing your investments. Ethernet webpages hosted onboard the M750 Ethernet drive 

Rationalise inventory
Machine builders often need to maintain multiple PLC environments to serve different geographical markets. With its multi-protocol ethernet interface and on-board motion capability, Digitax M750 allows the same drive and motion design to be used in different ecosystems, rationalising inventory and spares             

Reduce design time
Share the same design on multiple systems to reduce complexity. 
PLC Controlled Motion simplifies integration of the M750 multi-protocol drive into the most common PLC environments. It provides easy access to the drive's onboard Advanced Motion Controller through a simplified drive configuration workflow, automatic configuration of the communication links and PLC function block libraries.   

  • Features
    Maximum performance
    • 300% peak current performance pulse-duty overload
    • Optimised control loops for high dynamic performance
    • Up to 16 kHz switching frequency (default ratings specified at 8 kHz)
    • Supports a wide range of feedback technologies including EnDat 2.2, Hiperface SinCos, Incremental Quadrature, SinCos, BiSS-C, SSI, Resolvers and others.
    • Maximum performance package with high torque density, low inertia Unimotor hd servo motors

    Supports RTMoE (Real-Time Motion over Ethernet) which provides synchronised communication between drives using the Precision Time Protocol as defined by IEEE1588 V2:

    • Distributed clocks are used to automatically synchronise the position, speed and current loops across all drives
    • 1 ms cycle time for synchronous cyclic data
    • High speed network synchronisation of less than 1 μs jitter (typically (typically <200 ns) and 1 ms cycle time for synchronous cyclic data
    • Multi-protocol Ethernet support of EtherNet/IP or PROFINET RT in addition to Modbus TCP/IP, HTTP and SMTP

    Advanced 1.5 axes Motion Controller, key features include:

    • 250 μs cycle time
    • Motion profile generator
    • Electronic gearbox
    • Interpolated cam
    • Homing functions
    • High speed position freeze

    Minimum size
    • 40 mm drive width and option bracket adds 22 mm, providing a maximum drive width of 62 mm;
    • Reduce cabinet height by directly stacking rows of drives. Patented Ultraflow™ technology expels heat directly outside of the cabinet through the rear of the drive (drive heat dissipation can also be achieved via vents on the top of the drive, as standard);
    • Fits into cabinets just 200 mm deep.

    Easy installation and setup
    • DIN rail alignment;
    • Kits for easy multi-axis installation;
    • Single motor cable and electronic motor name plate for fast set up;
    • Seamless motor-drive pairing with Unimotor hd servo motors;
    • Easy access pluggable connectors;
    • Rapid commissioning with the Connect PC tool and SD cards;
    • Machine Control Studio provides a flexible and intuitive environment for programming automation and motion control features;
      • Programmable with IEC61131 standard languages.

    • Two option slots to add features and functionality for Communication, Feedback, I/O and/or Machine Controller (please see `Options & Accessories` section for details)
    • Multi-protocol Ethernet

    Safety on-board
    • Reduced downtime with machine safety
      - Integrated dual Safe Torque Off (STO)
      - Meets SIL3 (Safety Integrity Level 3) and PLe (Performance Level e)
      - Safe motion and CIP Safety with MiS250 option
  • Functional Safety
    Functional Safetyfunctional-safety

    All Digitax HD drives have integrated dual Safe Torque Off (STO) inputs, certified to SIL3 / PLe, providing an elegant and reliable safety solution. 
    The addition of an MiS250 safety option extends the built-in STO with the ability to safely monitor and/or restrict the scope of motion. 
    Safety functions include: STO, SBC, SOS, SS1, SS2, SLS, SSM, SLA, SDI, SLP & SES
    For maximum flexibility in the safety system architecture, the modules support both wired and network safety connections: CIP-Safety on EtherNet/IP and Safety over EtherCAT (FSoE).
    To find out more, visit our Functional Safety page.

  • Options & Accessories

    Remote Keypad RTC
    The keypad is remote mountable, allowing flexible mounting on the outside of a panel (meets IP54/NEMA 12). Three line plain text, multi-language LCD keypad for rapid set-up and helpful diagnostics. Battery operated real-time clock allows accurate time stamping of events, aiding diagnostics.

    ORDER CODE: 82400000019600

    KI Compact Display Option module for servo drive
    KI-Compact Display
    The display (fitted on M753, optional on M751) ensures access to drive diagnostics even in the absence of network connectivity. Includes 2 rotary switches for hardware setting of the node address for faster commissioning of the motion network. 

    ORDER CODE: 82700000020400

    KI-Compact 485 Adaptor
    This allows the drive to communicate via RS485. This is commonly used for programming if a keypad or KI-Compact Display is not ordered with the drive.

    ORDER CODE: 82700000020300

    Integration Products

    Remote I/O
    Industrial control applications typically use a PLC system to manage the process; using I/O to provide an interface to switches, relays and sensors attached to the machine.

    RTMoE & MODBUS TCP Network Adapter ORDER CODE - IO210-BC

    EtherCAT Network Adapter ORDER CODE - IO211-BC

    System Integration Modules - Feedback

    Quadrature encoder input interface module.

    ORDER CODE: 82400000018100

    SI-Universal Encoder
    Encoder input and output interface supporting Quadrature, SinCos, EnDat and SSI encoders.

    ORDER CODE: 82400000018300

    System Integration Modules - Communications

    SI-Profibus Communication System Integration Modules

    SI-PROFIBUS interface module enables follower connectivity. It is possible to use multiple SI-PROFIBUS modules or a combination of SI-PROFIBUS and other option module types to add additional functionality such as extended I/O, gateway functionality or additional PLC features.

    ORDER CODE: 82400000017500


    SI-POWERLINK serves applications ranging from simple open-loop systems through to those demanding precise motion control.

    ORDER CODE: 82400000021600

    SI-Devicenet Communications System Integration Module

    SI-DeviceNet enables follower connectivity. It is possible to use multiple SI-DeviceNet modules to provide additional functionality.

    ORDER CODE: 82400000017700

    SI-CANopen Communication System Integration Module

    SI-CANopen interface module supports various profiles, offering optimum flexibility.

    ORDER CODE: 82400000017600

    SI-Ethernet Communication System Integration Module

    SI-Ethernet can be used to provide high speed drive access, global connectivity and integration with IT network technologies. 

    ORDER CODE: 82400000017900

    SI-EtherCAT Communications System Integration Module

    SI-EtherCAT allows the drive to connect and interface with EtherCAT networks.

    ORDER CODE: 82400000018000

    SI-Profinet Communications System Integration Module  SI-PROFINET
    SI-PROFINET allows the drive to communicate and interface with PROFINET PLCs and networks.

    ORDER CODE: 82500000018200


    SI-INTERBUS 500kBd

    SI-INTERBUS 2MBb               

    SI-INTERBUS for easy integration to the Interbus fieldbus in applications that use or drives

    ORDER CODE: 82400000021220

    ORDER CODE: 82400000021230

    System Integration Modules - Additional I/O

    SI-IO System Integration Module

    Extended I/O interface module to increase the number of I/O points on a drive. Provides additional: 4 x Digital I/O, 3 x Analogue inputs (default)/Digital inputs, 1 x Analogue output (default)/Digital input, 2 x Relays.

    ORDER CODE: 82400000017800

    System Integration Modules - Applications
    SI-Apps Compact
    Compatible module allows SyPTPro application programs to be re-complied for HD.

    ORDER CODE: 82400000020700

    MCi200 system integration module
    Second processor, providing advanced customization using industry standard IEC61131-3 programming languages.

    ORDER CODE: 82400000017000

    MCi210 System Integration Module with a dual port Ethernet
    Extended advanced machine control, provides MCi200 functionality with additional ports and simultaneous connectivity to 2 separate Ethernet networks.

    ORDER CODE: 82400000016700

    PTi210 PowerTools Integration Module
    PTi210 allows setup of complex servo motion control applications within minutes

    ORDER CODE: 82400000021400

    System Integration Modules - Safety


    MiS250 safety option extends the built-in STO with motion safety capability and enables decentralised flexibility with the option of safety over ethernet connectivity.

    To find out more, visit our Functional Safety page.

    ORDER CODE: 82400000021100

    Optional Accessories
    RS485 USB Communication Cable
    USB to EIA485 Communications Converter Cable
    The USB comms cable allows the drive to connect to a PC for use with our PC tools*.

    ORDER CODE: 4500-0096

                     digitax m75c capshare servo

    Digitax M75C CapShare

    Capacitor module (200 V and 400 V) with thermal protection to increase maximum energy storage capacity, and optimise energy efficient usage.

    * Also requires KI-Compact-485 adaptor

  • Software & Support
    We make it quick and easy
    Connect - Intuitive Commissioning Software

    Connect is our latest drive configuration tool for commissioning, optimising and monitoring drive/system performance.



    Machine Control Studio - Programming Tool

    Control Techniques' Machine Control Studio provides a flexible and intuitive environment for programming new automation and motion control features.



    Diagnostics Tool

    Diagnostic Tool is a fast and simple tool, which allows users of Control Techniques' drives to quickly solve any error codes that the drive may show.



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Further Information

Product Data Sheets
Digitax HD Datasheet
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