Unidrive M from Control Techniques meets speed and budget requirement of paper mill

idrive M demonstrates its leading performance capability in the paper industryUn


Mostafa Paper Complex Ltd (MPCL), an established paper mill based in the Chittagong district of Bangladesh, has begun using the new Unidrive M variable speed drive plus encoders and systems solutions by Control Techniques on its latest paper machine. Aside from high performance motor control, Control Techniques was selected for the project based on the strong industry knowledge of its technical team, fast eight-week delivery and rapid commissioning.


MPCL, part of the global Mostafa Group, first entered commercial production in 2005. The company is engaged primarily in producing export quality media by using wastepaper, board and pulp. MPCL manufactures writing-grade, printing-grade, newsprint and craft paper to meet the demands of local markets.


controls various suction rolls, paper guide rolls and dryers within the paper machine.designed specifically for manufacturing automation applications – Control Techniques’ traditional area of expertise. The Unidrive M drive solution The successful variable speed drive solution, selected for use on MPCL’s latest paper machine, was based on Control Techniques’ recently introduced Unidrive M, which is


Led by the results of extensive customer-driven market research, Control Techniques has tailored each Unidrive M model to specific application needs identified within the field of manufacturing automation. For instance, the M700 series drives now in use at MPCL offer benefits specific to sectors including paper and print.


The Unidrive M700 AC drive offers class-leading induction and permanent magnet servo motor performance, with real-time Ethernet. M700 delivers maximum machine throughput through greater control with single and multi-axis network synchronization. On-board real-time Ethernet (IEEE 1588 V2), advanced motion control and high speed I/O for position capture has made it easier than ever for machine builders to create more sophisticated and flexible machines.


As a result of the module/software configuration supplied by Control Techniques, the complete machine logic and sequence for MPCL could be implemented inside the drive, removing the requirement for an external PLC, panel and related accessories.


Control Techniques was able to specify a complete, fully digital drives package, including design and commissioning, as well as incomer panel and drives panel. Furthermore, the system’s design and interfaces ensure ease-of-use for the operator along with extensive diagnostics capability.


“Working with MPCL provides an excellent opportunity for Unidrive M to demonstrate its leading performance capability in the paper industry,” says Control Techniques’ President, Enrique Minarro Viseras. “Listening, addressing and anticipating the needs of the industry and taking forward our heritage of technological innovation, the result in Unidrive M is a variable speed drive which ensures optimal performance, openness in communications connectivity and high ease of use unmatched by any other competitor.”

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