Artificial Lift

Innovative & Optimized Solutions for Artificial Lift

Integrated, customized and high power variable speed drive solutions ensure reliable, efficient and improved oil well production.

With around 25 years of experience and engineering expertise in the global oil extraction industry, Control Techniques' highly reliable, high performance and efficient products allow us to develop solutions that can maximize production and extend the operational life of oil wells. Our innovative technology systems are tailored to the exact requirements of well conditions; our smart drive controls, protects & monitors pumps parameters while maintaining system integrity.

Scalable and localised well management solutions and services

We can provide anything from a single drive for local integration, to a fully engineered variable speed drive (VSD) surface package (drive, cabinet, monitoring and step-up transformer if required), providing the benefits of energy efficiency and flexible process control for Electrical Submersible Pump (ESP), Reciprocating Rod Pump (RRP) and Progressive Cavity Pump (PCP) applications. Our solutions incorporate dedicated artificial lift functionality that reduces equipment wear and down-time, while  improving well productivity and system longevity:

  • Real-time monitoring and regulation of the load level due to changing well conditions reducing equipment wear and down-time, while extending system life
  • Back-spin protection
  • Pump release ‘rocking start’ mode

Flexible and customizable systems to meet the challenges of oil well production

Our flexible VSD modules are based on a Modular concept and provide:

  • Indoor or outdoor installations through adaptable enclosures and footprint when installed offshore
  • Easy maintenance as individual modules are easily and quickly replaced on site
  • Conformance with standards, such as IEEE 519 and ATEX certification where required
  • Capability to power AC and permanent magnet motors, as well as ESP & Beam pumps
  • Air and liquid-cooled modules for harsh environments and reduced cabinet size

Easy user interface and system monitoring to optimize performance
Our solutions provide:
  • Fieldbus communications that easily integrate with field systems
  • Intuitive HMIs for commissioning or operational changes
  • Accurate data monitoring and logging with local and remote displays
  • Remote control to minimize costly site visits
Protecting system integrity
With our long experience of harmonic mitigation, we provide comprehensive 6, 12, 18, 24 pulse and Active Front End (AFE) solutions. AFE technology reduces harmonic distortion to the mains supply to typically 3.5% or less.

Due to large cable lengths of ESPs, the variable AC (current, voltage & frequency) waveform passes through the sinewave filtering system, delivering perfect and optimum torque and pump performances.

Control Techniques Products for Artificial Lift:
Unidrive M AC Drive

Unidrive M - AC Drives for Industry, 0.33 hp – 4,200 hp (90 kW – 2.8 MW)

Unidrive M is Control Techniques' AC and Servo drive family designed specifically for industrial applications

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Unidrive M Modular

Unidrive M: High Power Modular AC Drives, 125 hp – 4,200 hp (90 kW – 2.8 MW)

Highly reliable drive modules for flexible system design

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