Elevator Solutions

Elevator Solutions

3 - 400 hp (2.2 kW – 250 kW)
230 V | 460 V | 575 V | 690 V

Dedicated Drives For Class-Leading Ride Comfort

Elevator Drive E300
Control Techniques is a leading supplier of AC drive technology for the elevator industry, with over 3 million elevators in operation with our control equipment worldwide.
  1. Rapid set-up and adjustment
  2. Optimum ride comfort
  3. Enhanced elevator data logger

Backed by our global network of Drive Centers we provide local expertise and support, along with quick delivery of robust and dependable products.

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Our elevator drive solutions work for any size of building. Whether it’s a small residential building or a luxury high rise, new build or modernization projects, we make every step of the process as easy as possible from product selection to installation, setup and service.

Introducing the dedicated Elevator Drive


Adding value at every stage of your project 

Freedom to design
  • Broad power range, compact form factor
  • Match any control interface, any protocol
  • Work with any motor, any feedback device
  • Multiple mounting options
  • Dynamic braking and regen solutions
  • Back-up power and rescue modes
Effortless installation and commissioning
  • Elevator specific menu structure
  • Stationary autotune
  • Pluggable drive terminals
  • Robust cable management
  • Parameter storage, cloning and security
  • Keypad with backlit LCD display
  • Virtual terminal for access through the lift controller
  • PC tools for set-up and tuning
Class-leading performance
  • Creep-to-floor and Direct-to-floor operation
  • Selectable start, run, stop gains
  • Load cell compensation and start locking
  • Start optimiser to overcome stiction
  • Fast start mode
  • Floor sensor correction
  • Short floor landing operation 
Maintenance and diagnostics support
  • Selectable status display parameters
  • Diagnostics with timestamping
  • Built-in data logger
  • Normal Terminal Stopping Device support
  • Low voltage rescue mode
  • Blocked elevator car release
  • Travel counter to help keep track the lifetime of plastic ropes
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