Food and beverage
Food and beverage
High productivity solutions for the food and beverage Industry
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Control Techniques comprehensive food and beverage solutions improve productivity, reduce production waste, increase water conservation and increase energy efficiency across a wide range of applications.

From dynamic servo drive and motor solutions that deliver high performance electronic synchronization between axes to highly efficient variable frequency AC drives (VFD) for agitating, conveyor, pump, and mixer applications, we provide optimized solutions that exceed expectations and quick return on initial investment.

Key benefits

Increase CIP (Clean In Place) productivity

  • Energy efficient VFD pumping solutions reduce energy consumption during cleaning cycles
  • Advanced drive diagnostics reduce troubleshooting time and trip avoidance features take intelligent action instead of interrupting critical processes
  • Conform to safety standards with integrated Safe Torque Off (STO) input(s) to increase operational safety during machine cleaning cycles and regular operation
  • Flexible system integration for the most common industrial communications aid in optimizing production and CIP productivity to reduce energy and water consumption
    • Fieldbus: DeviceNet, PROFIBUS DP, and CANopen
    • Ethernet: EtherNet/IP, PROFINET RT, Modbus TCP, and EtherCAT

High system performance and efficiency to reduce production costs

  • Superior motor control ensures consistent production / recipes
  • Highly efficient drive technology with reduced losses resulting in maximum drive energy savings
  • Dynamic Volts/Hertz energy optimization and Sleep, Wake, and VFD Standby modes reduce drive energy consumption
  • Available Energy Savings Estimator to help determine payback time and cost savings for fan and pump applications
  • High level of multi-axis synchronization for advanced line control to maximize production output
  • Accurate speed and torque control increase production speed and process uptime. Additionally mixing accuracy improves productivity and food quality and reduces waste.
  • Programmable drives allow for specific speed and torque requirements at the correct time of the process for recipes to maintain consistent food quality.
  • Co-processor PLC modules are available for advanced functions such as complex recipes reducing initial investment by eliminating the need for an external PLC.

High reliability maximizes uptime

  • Exceptional build quality based on over 40 years’ of drive knowledge, expertise, and development
  • Extensive testing in the harshest of environments to maximize product reliability
  • Industry leading, global, 24-hour technical support ensures that support is available when or wherever needed


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