Quantum MP DC Drives
Quantum MP
High performance three phase DC drive package
45 A – 700 A (10 HP – 400 HP)
208 V - 480 V
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Control Techniques’ Quantum MP is a packaged Mentor MP high performance DC drive providing reliability, power, and control to increase productivity for both new machines and applications in which DC motors are already installed.

The Quantum MP package includes the drive, fusing, power switching and 115Vac interface making it the ideal choice for rapid retrofits with regenerative and non-regenerative modules available to suit your application.

The Quantum MP saves engineering time and panel space making it ideal for North American customers.



Flexible system integration

Quantum MP is a modern packaged DC drive that has unparalleled flexibility through the integration of Control Techniques' AC drive control technology on a DC drive. This means the Quantum MP inherits system integration flexibility, such as:

  • Two available SM option module slots for automation control, I/O, feedback devices and communications
  • SMARTCARD for PLC program and parameter storage
  • PC tools for easy configuration, monitoring, and diagnostics

Additional features include:

  • Patented (pending) galvanic isolation protects control circuits against poor quality industrial power supplies and high voltage circuitry
  • Powerful onboard intelligence fine-tunes the drive’s functionality to the application and allows the removal of troublesome analog control circuits
  • Communication options include EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP, PROFIBUS DP, and DeviceNet allowing Quantum MP to be integrated within any automation system
  • CTSoft, a windows-based software package, provides an intuitive environment for configuring the drive's functionality
  • Quantum MP integrates closely with Control Techniques AC drives using CTNet drive-to-drive communications

Technology for reliability and performance

Quantum MP takes a step forward in performance, robustness and reliability:

  • High performance motor control
  • Galvanic isolation (patent pending) between power and control protects the control circuits and other equipment connected to the drive from the high voltages on the power circuit. This feature is unique on DC drives
  • Protection system against poor industrial power supplies and lightning strikes
  • Integrated drive and motor protection

Flexible field control

Internal field controller with intelligent field weakening means that 90 % of applications require no additional external controller

  • Integrated field control on frame size 1 to 8 A
  • Integrated field control on frame size 2 to 20 A
  • Flux control for enhanced open-loop performance
  • External FXMP25 field control to 25 A



Control Techniques Windows-based software packages connect using Ethernet, CTNet, Serial or USB connections.

Ethernet communications allow the drives to be accessed remotely, anywhere in the world.

Commissioning and monitoring software


CTSoft - Drive configuration tool for Control Techniques drives

CTSoft is a drive configuration tool for commissioning, optimizing and monitoring Control Techniques drives


CTScope - Real-time software oscilloscope

CTScope is a real-time full featured software oscilloscope for viewing and analyzing changing values within the drive

Automation and motion programming software

SyPTLite software

SyPTLite - Fast user program editor for Control Techniques drives

SYPTLite is a ladder diagram editor allowing users to develop simple programs for Control Techniques drives and option modules

SyPTPro software

SyPTPro - System programming toolkit for drive automation systems

SyPTPro provides a full featured programming environment for PLC and motion control onboard Control Techniques AC, DC and servo drives

  • High-speed semiconductor fusing for reliable circuit protection
  • 115 Vac control interface to coordinate signals and commands to the drive
  • DC loop contactor with DB pole disconnects the Quantum MP drive from the motor armature when the stop command is given or in the event of a power failure
  • DC output fuse on all regen models helps avoid nuisance trips
  • Regenerative and non-regenerative modules available to best match application needs
  • Multiple fieldbus options including EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP, PROFIBUS DP, and DeviceNet are used to integrate Quantum MP drives into automation systems
  • Enclosure IP00


  • Ambient operating temperature: 32 ° to 131 °F (0 ° to 55 °C )
  • Derate current 1.5% per °C from 104 ° to 131 °F (40 ° to 55 °C )
  • Cooling method QMP25-QMP45 natural convection
  • QMP75 and larger forced convection
  • Humidity 90 % relative humidity at 122 °F (50 °C)
  • Storage temperature: -40 ° to 131 °F (-40 ° to 55 °C )
  • Altitude: 0 to 9,842 ft (0 to 3,000 m), derate 1 % per 380 ft (100 m) between 3,280 ft (1,000 m) and 9,842 ft ( 3,000 m)

AC supply requirements

  • Supply voltage 208 to 480VAC ±10 %
  • Frequency 48 to 65 Hz
  • Supply fault current 100 kA
  • Drive efficiency 99 %
  • Armature voltage (max.) non-regen drives — 1.35 X input VAC; regen drives — 1.15 X input VAC
  • Field voltage (max.) 0.9 X input VAC with 1-phase input


  • Analog input resolution: 16-bit plus sign, 250 μs (Qty 1), 10-bit plus sign, 250 μs (Qty 2)
  • Speed loop: 250 μs loop update
  • Current loop: 35 μs current sampling time
  • Feedback methods
  • Encoder (resolution 0.01 %)
  • DC tachometer (resolution 0.1 %); AC tachometer (resolution 1 %) (300 V max.)
  • Armature Voltage (resolution 5 % )
  • Optional additional incremental and absolute encoders (Qty 2)
  • Field control current regulated with flux control
  • QMP25-QMP 8 A
  • QMP350-QMP700 20 A
  • Optional FXMP25 25 A
  • Serial communications: 2- or 4-wire RS422 or RS485, optically-isolated
  • Protocol: ANSI x 3.28-2.54-A4 or Modbus RTU
  • Baud rate: 300 to 115,200

Protection & diagnostics

  • Control: Galvanic electrical isolation, 24 Vdc power supply
  • Supply: Loss, under-voltage, overvoltage, transient suppression, semiconductor fuses
  • Armature: Open circuit, I2t overload, instantaneous overcurrent, semiconductor fuse (regen only)
  • Field: Loss, overcurrent
  • Motor: Motor over-temp switch or thermistor over-temperature trips
  • Drive thermal: Heatsink, SCR junction, control board and option module(s)
  • Current loop loss: Loss of analog current reference

24 Vdc I/O

  • Digital inputs: 3 x 24 Vdc
  • Digital input/outputs: 3 x 24 Vdc
  • Analog inputs: 1 x 16-bit differential
  • 0-10 V, 2 x 10-bit voltage or mA
  • Analog outputs: 2 x 10 bit voltage or mA

120 Vac I/O

  • Inputs
    • STOP
    • RUN
    • JOG
    • FWD/REV
    • RESET
  • Outputs
    • DRIVE ON
  • Relays (quantity 2)

Ratings and dimensions 

Quantum MP DC drive ratings and dimensions

*Current ratings are at 104 °F (40 °C) with 150 % overload for 30 s. (R) indicates optional order code for 4-quadrant operation.

HP provided for convenience. Always size drive based on motor Amps.

Keypads and parameter storage



MP-Keypad is a multi-lingual, hot-pluggable, backlit LCD display for Mentor MP drives


SM-Keypad is a high brightness LED keypad for Unidrive SP (except frame size 0) and Mentor MP drives


This memory device can be used to backup parameter sets and PLC programs and copy them from one drive to another

Drive Interface Units - Communications

Operator Interfaces and HMI

The powerful HMI (Human Machine Interface) line and integrated drivers for Control Techniques drives make it easy to integrate HMI with CT drives

CT USB Comms Cable

The USB Comms cable allows the drive to connect to a PC for use with Unidrive M's PC tools*


Automation and Motion option modules

SM Applications Plus
SM-Applications Plus

SM-Applications Plus offers high performance programmable logic and motion control together with high speed I/O and CTNet, a high speed Fieldbus

SM Applications Lite V2
SM-Applications Lite V2

User programmable logic and motion control module for standalone drive applications or for when the drive is connected to a centralized controller via I/O or Fieldbus

SM Register

A flexible, high performance solution for programmable motion requiring high speed registration features

Communication option modules


CANopen interface supports various profiles including several drive profiles


SM-DeviceNET option module


Slave/follower option module, for high performance servo applications

SM Ethernet

supports Ethernet/IP and Modbus TCP/IP and can generate emails. Provides high speed drive access, global connectivity and integration with IT network technologies


Interbus interface option module


Slave/follower option module


PROFINET is an Ethernet based industrial network protocol adapting Ethernet hardware and protocols

Input and Output Option Modules


Flexible I/O system for remote connectivity with Control Techniques’ SM-Applications Plus and SM-Register option modules

SM IO 24V Protected

Overvoltage protected I/O module

SM I/O 120 V
SM-IO 120V

Module that provides digital I/O rated to 120Vac

SM-IO 32

Extended digital I/O, adding 32 digital high speed bi-directional I/O points to the drive

SM-IO Lite

Extended I/O interface with reduced functionality



NAMUR standard I/O interface with high speed I/O

SM-IO Plus

Extended I/O interface to increase the number of I/O points on a drive

SM-IO Timer

Extended I/O option module with real time clock

Feedback Option Modules

SM-Encoder Plus
SM-Encoder Output Plus

Incremental encoder input and output option module that enables connection with external motion controllers

SM-Encoder Plus

Incremental encoder input option module

SM Universal Encoder Plus
SM-Universal Encoder Plus

Additional combined encoder input and output interface supporting Incremental, SinCos, HIPERFACE, EnDAT and SSI encoders

External Field Control

FXMP25 - DC field controller (up to 25 A)

External field controller for DC motors with field currents up to 25 A


Power Accessories

  • Dynamic Braking Resistors
  • Line Reactors
  • EMC Filters
  • Field Supply Buck/Boost Transformers
  • DC Motors