• Overview
  • Specifications

SYPTLite is a ladder diagram editor that allows users to develop simple programs for Control Techniques drives and option modules.

The software is designed to be easy to use to make program development as fast as possible.

SyPTLite programs are developed using ladder logic, a graphical language widely used to program PLCs. SYPTLite allows a user to "draw" a ladder diagram representing a program. SyPTLite includes basic ladder logic symbols and many advanced functions such as:

  • Arithmetic blocks
  • Comparison blocks
  • Timers Counters
  • Multiplexers
  • Latches
  • Bit manipulation
  • Smartcard access blocks

Typical applications include:

  • Simple current / torque monitoring
  • Torque proving
  • Gate / barrier control
  • Sequencing for mixing
  • Dosing Active / Sleep control for time specific functions

SyPTLite can be used for programming for the following drives:

  • Commander SK fitted with a LogicStick
  • Unidrive SP standard onboard
  • Digitax ST standard onboard
  • Mentor MP standard onboard
  • SM-Applications Lite V2 option module for faster program execution and additional memory