SI-Application Plus Module
  • Overview

SI-Applications Plus modules allow SyPTPro application programs to be recompiled and executed with Unidrive M700 to enable rapid and simple upgrade for Unidrive SP users. Applications comprising networked Unidrive SP drives with SM-Applications using CTNet or CTSync for real-time control can be quickly replaced with Unidrive M and the SI-Applications Plus module without any compromise to system performance.


  • Enhanced high speed dedicated microprocessor
  • 384 kB Flash memory for user program
  • 80 kB user program memory
  • EIA-RS485 port offering ANSI, Modbus-RTU follower and master and Modbus-ASCII follower and master protocols
  • CTNet high speed network connection offering up to 5 Mbit/s data rate
  • Two 24 V digital inputs
  • Two 24 V digital outputs
  • Task based programming system for real-time control
  • CTSync distributes a master position to multiple drives on a network. Hardware synchronization of speed, position and torque loops achieving a time base of 250 μs


Drive compatibility

  • Unidrive M700