Modernizace Commander SK na Unidrive M

Modernizace Commander SK na Unidrive M

Unidrive M100, M200, M300 and M400 general purpose drives deliver a range of performance, hardware, programming and software innovations over Commander SK.

  • Compatibility


    • Compatible physical dimensions, weights and surface mount footprint
    • When retrofitting surface mount drives, existing mounting holes can be reused - negating the need for additional drilling. Mounting holes are in the same place or retrofit kits are available


    • Power and control wiring adopt the same philosophy as Commander SK


    • The same menu and parameter structure is adopted by Unidrive M
    • Unidrive M connect can be used to transfer parameters from Commander SK to Unidrive M
  • Performance

    Performance Innovations

    • New Rotor Flux Control (RFC) mode which improves motor control and stability and delivers higher overload currents by using a closed loop current control algorithm
    • Patented fan intelligence controls the fan speed in order to optimize Unidrive M’s cooling profile
  • Programming and Software

    Transfer parameters without mains power

    • AI-Backup adaptor option can be used to power the drive with 24 Vdc to maintain communications and interrogate parameter settings
    • Standard SD cards used with AI-Backup adaptor can transfer and clone parameters

    LCD keypads have informative, multi-language, 3 line displays for easier and faster set up and diagnosis

    • CI-Keypad – Drive mounted LCD keypad (M400 only)
    • Remote keypad – Rapid panel mount (1 x 32Ø hole) IP66 (M200-M400 with AI-485 adaptor)
  • Hardware

    Hardware Innovations

    • Simple speed adjustment can be achieved on M101\M201 through the onboard potentiometer
    • Unidrive M100-M400 can survive environments as described by IEC60721-3-3 3C3 and EN60068-2-60 Meth. 4
      • PCBs are conformal coated for increased resilience to conditions and greater reliability
      • Patented air duct system protects critical components
      • The IP rating has been increased from IP20 to IP21
    • Higher level of integration with machine safety systems
      • Unidrive M300 and M400 have dual channel SIL3/PLe ‘Safe Torque Off’ (STO) input
    • New cable management design
  • Lifecycle

    Unidrive M is capable of fully replacing and enhancing Commander SK installations. Therefore, Commander SK is moving into next stage of its lifecycle.



    Commander SK entered the maintenance period in 2017, volume production has ceased, but contractual obligations regarding warranty, service and repairs will continue.

    The maintenance period is expected to last ten years subject to raw material and component availability. Updates will be issued to customers throughout the lifecycle period. Local sales representatives are always available to answer any customer queries.

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