Fractional HP Motors

Reliable fractional HP motors deliver the power you need in a small package

Fractional HP motors are those that provide an output that falls below one horsepower. Nidec Corporation, the largest electric motor company in the world, manufactures fractional HP motors that pack a lot of punch through several of its trusted brands. Whether you need fractional horsepower motors available off the shelf or specifically customized to your specifications, trust Nidec Corporation to supply dependable, energy-efficient products you can rely on.



The HURST® motor brand has been crafting superior products since it kicked off as a family-owned tool shop back in 1950. Three generations of that family have continued growing the HURST brand reputation for both quality and customer service. Now part of the Nidec Corporation, this brand continues to deliver dependability and longevity in the fractional HP motors and other products it manufactures.



For nearly a century, our LEROY-SOMER™ brand has been offering reliable, innovative solutions to customers. These solutions, including fractional HP motors, range across a wealth of applications and industries such as automotive, chemical, food processing, marine, paper-making and others. You can depend upon this brand to provide the innovation and quality you need to keep your processes running smoothly.



The MERKLE-KORFF® brand started in 1911 as part of company known for developing fractional HP motors and gear motors. This brand has been regarded as an innovator in the industry, having developed the first small gearmotor in the 1920s and then the simple cup-drop motor used in soft drink machines starting in the 1950s. Today, this brand continues to deliver the quality and innovation our customers expect.



Our U.S. MOTORS® brand provides top-notch fractional HP motors perfectly suited for industrial; commercial; hazardous location; HVACR; food and beverage; farm and agriculture; pool, spa and residential water; and brakemotor applications, among others. These cost-effective but powerful fractional horsepower motors drive many customer products such as blowers, compressors, condensing units, conveyors, cranes, fans, and pumps – to name just a very few.

Nidec Motor Corporation prides itself on creating motors that save customers time and money in energy costs and downtime. We also have savvy engineering teams capable of designing innovative solutions for those who require customized systems to power their products. You can depend on our U.S. MOTORS brand fractional HP motors to deliver the power you need in a small package.