• Overview

Nidec has been a major player in the electric motor industry for decades, pioneering innovative solutions for a variety of motor and drive systems. Now the largest maker of electric motors in the world, our metals industry motors provide the quality and longevity long associated with the Nidec name. Many demanding applications surround the metals industry, from metal casting to processing and transportation. You need a partner who can provide not just motors but entire systems solutions. You need search no further than Nidec.


Our CONTROL TECHNIQUES™ brand understands that you must be able to consistently deliver high-quality and finished metals to stay competitive in today’s market. Control Techniques has the efficient motors and drives you need to maintain your competitive edge. Our motors provide precision and repeatability when it comes to performance and control. Furthermore, you can depend on our products for reliability and longevity. You won’t be disappointed when you choose a CONTROL TECHNIQUES brand drive or motor for your metals industry needs.


Our HURST® brand was founded over six decades ago as part of a family-owned tool shop, with three generations continuing the family tradition of manufacturing innovative electric motors. Now part of the world’s largest motor company, the HURST brand creates motors for metals industry applications like steel mill process scanners. You can trust us to continue delivering the HURST brand quality and customer satisfaction backed by our decades of experience in the motor industry.


Our U.S. MOTORS® brand started creating electric motors back in 1908 and has built a reputation for proven excellence. You can depend on this brand to deliver metals industry motors that withstand harsh conditions. Longevity is a given with our U.S. MOTORS products thanks to our experience designing severe duty motors. We offer several products under this line that excel in the challenging environments associated with the metals industry.