Company History
History of Nidec's Commercial and Industrial Motors Brands

Nidec Corporation has established itself as an international conglomerate that handles “everything that spins and moves.” After starting with only four employees, Nidec has grown to include more than 140,000 workers across the globe. The company has been recognized in various publications, including Businessweek and Forbes, for its innovations in the motor industry.

The company currently boasts the most significant global market share for small precision motors. Exponential growth through mergers and acquisitions over the past few decades means that Nidec now manufactures motors that run the spectrum from those original tiny motors to much larger motors powering heavy commercial and industrial equipment.

Nidec motors can be found in products that range from cell phones, computers and home appliances to industrial and mining equipment – and everything in between. The company has more than 300 subsidiary companies spanning the globe. This global reach uniquely positions us to supply high-quality products that contribute to the betterment of society worldwide.

Historical Timeline of Nidec’s Commercial and Industrial Motors Brands

1908: The U.S. MOTORS® brand begins as part of U.S. Electrical Manufacturing Company.

1980: Nidec SR Drives Ltd is founded, stemming from fundamental research work conducted at two leading universities in the United Kingdom.

1999: Nidec SR Drives Manufacturing Ltd is established to meet rapidly increasing demand for industrial products.

2010: Nidec Corporation acquires the motors and controls business of Emerson Electric Company – including the U.S. MOTORS brand – forming Nidec Motor Corporation. Nidec also acquires the HURST® brand. Both acquisitions assist the company in responding to a wide variety of customer needs for small to large motors as it continues to seek further growth.

2012: Nidec Corporation acquires the MERKLE-KORFF® brand as part of its acquisition of Kinetik Group Inc.

2017: Nidec Corporation acquires the LEROY-SOMER™, CONTROL TECHNIQUES™ and KATO ENGINEERING™ brands, broadening its motor offering and product lineup to include variable speed drive and a complete range of generators and extending its global presence.