Definite Purpose Motors
Definite purpose motors deliver the energy efficiency and dependability you require
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If you're looking for reliable definite purpose motors to drive your company's processes, Nidec Motor Corporation has you covered. As part of the world's largest electric motor manufacturer, Nidec offers innovative and cost-effective motors under two esteemed brands. If our extensive range of off-the-shelf products doesn't meet your needs, our top-rated engineering teams can customize motors to your specifications.

Founded in 1919 by Marcellin Leroy in France, the LEROY-SOMER™ brand is internationally renowned for its high-quality products. As a pioneer in developing industrial alternators, electromechanical and electronic drive systems, and innovative motors, LEROY-SOMER provides dependable and efficient definite purpose motors for a wide range of applications.

The U.S. MOTORS® brand began with the United States Electrical Manufacturing Company in Los Angeles, California, in 1908. Now under Nidec Motor Corporation, it remains a symbol of innovation, quality, and reliability. Whether you need robust vertical hollow shaft pump motors, sturdy hazardous location motors, severe duty motors, or other specialized types, you can trust our definite purpose motors to deliver the energy efficiency and dependability you need.