AC Fractional HP Motors
Fractional HP Motors
Reliable fractional HP motors deliver the power you need in a small package
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Fractional HP motors, delivering less than one horsepower, are a specialty of Nidec Corporation, the world’s largest electric motor manufacturer. Through its trusted brands, Nidec offers powerful and reliable fractional HP motors, both off-the-shelf and custom-designed to meet specific needs. Our motors are designed for energy efficiency, helping customers save on energy costs and minimize downtime. Nidec Motor Corporation is dedicated to creating high-quality motors that enhance operational efficiency, supported by our skilled engineering teams who develop innovative, customized solutions for any application.

Since its inception as a family-owned tool shop in 1950, the HURST® brand has built a reputation for superior products, quality, and customer service. Now part of the Nidec Corporation, HURST continues to deliver dependable and long-lasting fractional HP motors and other products, maintaining its legacy across three generations.

Founded in 1911, the MERKLE-KORFF® brand is renowned for its pioneering innovations in fractional HP motors and gear motors. Known for developing the first small gearmotor in the 1920s and the simple cup-drop motor for soft drink machines in the 1950s, MERKLE-KORFF continues to uphold its tradition of quality and innovation, meeting customer expectations with every product.

Our U.S. MOTORS® brand offers top-quality fractional HP motors ideal for a wide range of applications, including industrial, commercial, hazardous locations, HVACR, food and beverage, agriculture, pool and spa, residential water, and brakemotors. These cost-effective yet powerful motors are essential for driving various customer products, such as blowers, compressors, condensing units, conveyors, cranes, fans, and pumps.

Nidec Motor Corporation is dedicated to creating motors that help customers save on energy costs and reduce downtime. Our expert engineering teams are adept at designing innovative, customized solutions to meet specific needs. Trust our U.S. MOTORS brand fractional HP motors to deliver reliable power in a compact package.