• Overview

Maintaining indoor air comfort and keeping rising energy costs under control are both top priorities for your customers. Nidec offers a full line HVAC motors designed to provide significant energy savings. Our expertise in high efficiency motors, from the advanced technology of variable speed electronically commutated motors to market leading NEMA Premium®† efficient motors, enables us to provide a large selection of energy efficient products for a wide array of HVACR applications.

When your HVACR application turns commercial or you require motors above 1 horse power, we offer general and special purpose integral horsepower motors ranging from 1/4 through 4,000 horsepower. If you are an OEM looking for an original or replacement motor for your HVAC equipment, we offer a product suited to your application.


Our CONTROL TECHNIQUES™ brand offers premium motors and drives that may suit your specific HVAC requirements. This line’s variable speed drives can help motors save as much as 60% in energy costs at the same time they enhance personal comfort and HVAC system operation. We conduct extensive research and consult with experts, building owners and contractors to provide the top level of quality in our products. That’s the Nidec philosophy in action: providing both efficiency and durability.


Nidec’s LEROY-SOMER™ brand provides HVAC motors and products that serve a variety of applications, such as air treatment, drying, heating, refrigeration and safety ventilation. Our motors and drives help ensure quiet operation and optimal energy efficiency. We offer a large variety of innovative solutions to suit your HVAC requirements, including variable speed products that will help you save the highest amount of energy possible.


Our U.S. MOTORS® brand has been innovating the electric motor industry since 1908. You can depend on this line to provide sturdy, energy-efficient HVAC motors that will stand up to your system’s requirements. We offer a variety of powerful U.S. MOTORS brand HVAC motors that will save you energy costs and maintenance hassles. As part of the global Nidec corporation, our products will keep your processes running with both power and precision.