Metal industry
Enhancing finish quality, plant productivity and yield
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Drive systems from Control Techniques can improve your process control to enhance finish quality, plant productivity and yield. Systems are engineered and supported globally through our Drive Centre network. Our engineers located around the world have in-depth process and application knowledge of metals manufacturing.

Key benefits

  • Manufacturing consistently high quality finished metals
  • Providing precision and repeatability in terms of performance, control and long term reliability from machinery
  • Maximising productivity and throughput
  • Saving energy
  • Reducing operation costs
  • Providing the support and technology to exactly meet your production requirements
  • Enhancing safety and providing environmentally sound solutions

Typical applications include

  • Continuous casters
  • Hot & cold rolling mills
  • Skin pass mills
  • Pickle lines
  • Annealing lines
  • Coating lines
  • Tension levelling lines
  • Heavy & light gauge foil rolling mills
  • Cut-to-length lines
  • Slitter/separator machines


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