Severe Duty Motors

Severe duty motors that withstand your harshest environments

Nidec has been crafting tough, durable motors for decades and knows just what it takes to stand up to the harshest environments. We manufacture severe duty motors that withstand unfriendly conditions – whether they’re used in automotive, chemical, mining, oil and gas, pulp and paper, wastewater or other applications. Designed by our stellar engineering teams, Nidec motors meet energy efficiency requirements and can be customized to meet unique specifications.



Founded in France in 1919, our LEROY-SOMER® brand has been recognized internationally as an innovative maker of electric motors, drives and alternators. Now part of Nidec, this brand continues pioneering motors you can rely on to power your products with precision. Our passion for creating quality products that spin and move shows in the items we construct. LEROY-SOMER brand severe duty motors are constructed to be sturdy and efficient. They’ll stand up to the tests you put them through, saving you money in energy and maintenance costs.



Our U.S. MOTORS® brand has been creating reliable products since 1908. This brand’s severe duty motors are built to be rugged and stand up to your industry’s steep demands. One shining example is the U.S. MOTORS brand 841 PLUS® motor, which exceeds even the toughest IEEE 841 requirements. This line of motors is also categorized as NEMA Premium®† efficient. Often utilized for blowers, compressors, fans, pumps and other material processing applications in severe duty conditions, you can count on these motors to operate at lower temperatures and be energy-efficient.

Other motors under this brand – such as our standout CORRO-DUTY® motors – have a reputation for being among the toughest in the industry constructed to stand up to severe duty applications. We’ve been creating motors under this brand since 1908, and that expertise shows. You can depend on our severe duty motors to get the job done with cost-effectiveness, energy-efficiency and long-lasting strength.