KBWS-12 & KBWS-15

KBWS-12 & KBWS-15

The KBWS PWM (pulse width modulated) controls are designed to operate PWM and SCR rated Permanent Magnet motors ranging from 1/50 HP to 1½ HP. They operate at a switching frequency greater than 16 kHz to provide high motor efficiency and quiet operation. The KBWS contains built-in isolation for all signal inputs. This includes input signal voltage, Main Speed Potentiometer terminals, Inhibit Circuit and +5VDC power supply.

Standard features of the KBWS include diagnostic LEDs (Power On and Current Limit) and adjustable trimpots (Maximum Speed, Minimum Speed, Acceleration, Deceleration, Current Limit, IR Compensation). Also provided is a connector for an Inhibit Switch and quick-connect terminals for AC line, motor armature and Main Speed Potentiometer

Option: DIN Rail Mounting Kit (Part No. 9995), AC Line / Armature Fuse Kit (Part No. 9849)

*Plug-In Horsepower Resistor®, supplied separately

DC Drives, Chassis
PWM Speed
KBWS-12 115 VAC, 2.5 Amps, w/Isolation, 90 to 130 VDC ARM
Part No. 9490 Data Sheet   Manual
KBWS-15 115 VAC, 5.0 Amps, w/Isolation, 90 to 130 VDC ARM
Part No. 9491 Data Sheet   Manual
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