Conveyors Case Study



One of our distributors successfully introduced our KBAC product line to the conveyor market.  The KBAC NEMA 4X (IP65) inverter, with its die cast aluminum enclosure, is a rugged addition to any industrial conveyor.  This particular distributor was using inverters with plastic cases, but his customers complained about mechanical damage.  With the KBAC solution, this problem was resolved.

The distributor’s customers were using a photo eye which provided a contact closure which stopped the conveyor whenever a package had obstructed its vision.  This photo eye needed a 24 Volt DC power supply which, in turn, required a separate enclosure.  The distributor requested that in order to power the photo eye, we provide a 24 Volt DC power option.  We found an excellent solution by using our KBAC-24D.


The KB design team engineered a new accessory board based on the existing platform SIAC (Signal Isolator Board) and added a 24 Volt DC power supply in order to power the customer’s photo eye.  We enhanced this product to be SIAC-PS (Signal Isolator Board with Power Supply) which provided an “Out of the Box” solution (or in this case, an “In the Box” solution).

At KB, we strive to meet customer requirements and encourage ideas from the field.  The distributor’s good idea migrated into KB’s standard offering so that all of his customers could benefit from this new design.  As a result, conveyor customers now have a cost-effective way to save time and labor. 

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