CANopen network connectivity

Our CANopen interface module supports various profiles including several drive profiles. SI-CANopen has been designed to offer optimum flexibility: in particular the process data objects (PDO) numbering system has been specifically designed to offer maximum versatility while maintaining conformance to CiA specifications.

Features include:

  • Supported data rates (bits/s): 1 M, 800 k, 500 k, 250 k, 125 k, 100 k and 50 k
  • 4 transmit and 4 receive PDOs A, B, C and D supported
  • Independently configurable transmit and receive PDO numbers (1-511) for maximum application flexibility
  • All synchronous and asynchronous PDO communication modes supported
  • Total of 32 bytes (16 words) in each direction using PDOs (4 TxPDOs of 64 bits and 4 RxPDOs of 64 bits)
  • Service Data Objects (SDO) provide access to all drive and option module parameters
  • Consumer heartbeat
  • Emergency message completed flag
  • RxPDO, SYNC and missed heartbeat event handling
  • RxPDO event triggers
  • TxPDO event triggers
  • Object association for un-defined DSP-402 objects
  • +24 V back-up power supply capability

Drive Compatibility

This module operates with: Unidrive M, Commander C, Digitax HD and the specialist Elevator, Pump and HVAC Drive families.

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