Drive Service and Repair Centers

Should you ever experience a Control Techniques drive failure, minimizing the impact on your plant is our main concern. High levels of performance and reliability are a feature of our product range but, occasionally, failures do occur. When this happens, help is at hand from our certified Service and Repair Centers. These centers have extensive product knowledge and provide a prompt, professional, guaranteed repair service. Contact our Service and Repair Centers for any Control Techniques products, including Unidrive, Commander, Digitax, Affinity and Mentor.

Exceptional service

  • All drive repairs carry a new 1-year parts and labor warranty on the work done.
  • Fast turnaround is standard and even faster turnaround is available at a reasonable extra charge. In addition, our Service Centers carry stock for our major product lines of refurbished drives. These are usually available for immediate shipping and are exchanged for your failed product.
  • The drives are returned in a clean state with any damaged components replaced, including plastics and metalwork.
  • Each product has a fixed repair cost regardless of the fault. This allows us to tell you immediately what our service will cost and reduces the time processing your order.
  • On request, and where possible, the repaired drive is returned with the same parameter configuration as the failed unit to allow you to get the machine operational as quickly as possible.

Future reliability

  • All useful specification upgrades are made to repaired drives enhancing performance and installed life time operation.
  • Reliability is maintained with every aspect of the drives operation being checked.
  • Only Control Techniques Engineering and Development certified components are used for repairs.
  • Failure data feedback to Engineering and Development enhances future reliability.

The environment

  • Waste materials are recycled to reduce any harmful impact on the environment.


  • High voltage insulation testing ensures the continuing safe operation of the drive (2kV for a 400V product).
  • High current (25A) earth bond test completed on every unit.


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