Floor Care

Floor Care

Nidec Drive Systems designs and manufactures components and complete drive systems for the floor care market. Our custom-engineered solutions include complete transaxle and wheel drive systems, LVAC traction and pump motors, wound field DC traction and pump motors, electronic controls and high efficiency battery chargers . Complete systems and components from Nidec Drive Systems provide the power and control inside a wealth of high-quality and energy-efficient floor care scrubbers, sweepers and similar products.

Some of the reliable floor care motor and drive products Nidec Drive Systems offers include:

Stick Machine Motor. Our AC induction gear motors are rugged and designed for continuous duty over long years of use in a variety of applications. These gearmotors feature ball bearing construction and centrifugal switch and are UL certified.The motors have multiple power configurations, and gearboxes feature different ratio and planet designs.
Stick machine motor


Scrubber and Sweeper Motor. Nidec’s permanent magnet brushed DC motors incorporate a heavy-duty parallel gearbox, cast aluminum housing and dual ball bearing construction for added durability. These motors are UL Certified and specially designed to be compact and lightweight and include an integral AC/DC rectifier allowing AC operation. Typical floorcare applications include traction drive motors, powered brush head motors and traction drives for other mobile vehicles.


Small Multipurpose Transaxle. This is a smaller transaxle also employing a gearbox differential. It is currently being used in power sweeper, floor care and electric scooter mobility machine applications. A variety of motor and gear ratios are available depending on the customer's desired application. 



Wheel Drive. Our compact self-contained electric wheel drive product line provides an affordable means of providing traction capability to floor scrubbers, floor sweepers, pallet jacks and other specialized equipment. This product is available in three different wheel sizes and load configurations depending on your application requirements. The wheel drive unit incorporates a heavy-duty corrosion resistant cast aluminum mounting bracket and housing and incorporates a sealed dual bearing system to resist dirt ingression and provide years of trouble-free operation. The double reduction gearbox utilizes premium heat-treated gears and is greased-for-life and maintenance free. All motors are UL certified. Options include a variety of wheel material compositions, encoders and mechanical or electrical type brakes.


Reducer. Our right angle drive transfers power through the use of a precision worm shaft and precise worm gear with low noise. They are mainly used in a wide variety of reducing transmission applications including door openers, lifts, hospital beds and scrubbers.


150A Scrubber Controller. The Kinetek Scrubber Controller provides control of all functions used in ride-on scrubbers in a single unit and can be an excellent solution for commercial floor care machines.



70A/150A Controller. The Kinetek 70A/150A Controller for permanent magnet motors provides excellent control for motors in traction applications including walk-behind floor scrubbers, mobility carts and other equipment requiring similar control processing.


KCCA0253 PM Motor Controller for Brush and Vacuum Control. The Nidec-Kinetek KCCA0253 Controller provides superior motor control for brush and vacuum motors on commercial floor care walk-behind scrubbers. Our design team can provide customized console designs to meet your specific application.

  • Applicable for a 24V or 36V DC system and provides fully programmable control of brush motors, vacuum motors and water valves.
  • Two digital inputs are provided for fresh and dirty water tank switches.
  • It eliminates external motor relays, provides soft start and speed control and extends brush life.
  • Prevents unnecessary battery damage and fuse failures caused by deep discharging of the battery.
  • The controller uses CAN bus communication which reduces the cost and complexity of bulky harnesses between the operator console and the controller.
  • Hour meters, battery discharge indication, error codes, and diagnostics are displayed on the LCD display, eliminating the need for auxiliary gauges.
  • Individual LEDs and membrane switches can complete the vehicle integration.


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