Stick Scrubber

Stick Scrubber

Nidec Drive Systems has been proudly supplying reliable stick scrubber motors and other floor care components to major OEMs across the world for over three decades. Our product portfolio runs a wide range from AC and DC motors, transaxles and wheel drives to right angle and planetary gearboxes, controllers, battery chargers and HMIs. We supply both off-the-shelf products and custom-engineered solutions to suit our customers’ requirements.

We have extensive experience in manufacturing components for stick scrubber applications. Our single-phase UL Certified AC induction gear motors include a rugged planetary gearbox designed for continuous duty for use in a wide range of rotary floor machines. These gearmotors feature dual ball bearings, centrifugal starting switch, and are available in a variety of ratios and planetary gear solutions.

Stick Scrubber Motors

Technical Data

Voltages  120/240 VAC, 220 VAC
Frequency  50Hz, 60 Hz
Power Out  1 HP (0.745 Kw), 1.5 HP (1.1 Kw), 2 HP (1.5 Kw), 3 HP(2.2 Kw)
Gear Ratios   2P: 10:1, 3P: 10:1, 2P 10:1, 3P: 11:1
Protection Level  IP 20, IP 43
Insulation Class F 

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