Brushless PMAC Motors

Brushless PMAC Motors

Brushless PMAC motors offer high efficiency and performance for demanding applications, in smaller frame sizes compared to a less efficient AC induction motor. Nidec Drive Systems brings decades of passion and enthusiasm for creating innovative brushless PMAC motor and drive solutions that dependably power a variety of industry applications.

Nidec Drive Systems can provide a wide array of high-performance brushless PMAC motor technologies to meet customer’s specific goals of cost, efficiency and motor performance.

Name Image Voltage Continuous Torque Continuous Power Continuous Current Peak Torque Peak Power Peak Current Max Speed Cooling IP Rating
 ACX-3544   36/48 DCV 7.4 Nm  4.4 kW 110 A 70 Nm 4.4 kW 450 A  6,000 rpm  Air  IP65
PEV60-8-E011 540 DCV 150 Nm 60 kW 140 A 325 Nm 120 kW 330 A 12,000 rpm water/ glycol IP68
PEV70-12-E007 540 DCV 850 Nm 70 kW 240 A 2000Nm 135 kW 500 A 3,000 rpm water/ glycol IP68
PEV80-12-E023 540 DCV 868 Nm 150 kW 255 A 3000Nm 200 kW 600A 3,000 rpm water/ glycol IP67
PEV100-8-E001 540 DCV 341Nm 100 kW 170 A 900 Nm 150 kW 400 A 7,400 rpm water/ glycol IP68
PEV220-12-F001 650 DCV 1500 Nm 220 kW 310 A 2100Nm 330kW 500 A 3,400 rpm water/ glycol IP68

This is a small sampling of our offering. Please contact us with your particular specifications and we will provide information on our matching motor. 

Three primary topographies for BPM Motors

Ferrite Magnet BPM
  • High efficiency compared to induction motors
  • Utilizes common ferrite magnet materials
  • Better for applications without high power density requirements, like pumps or air moving
IPM Flat Magnet
  • High efficiency and greater power density
  • Utilizes rare earth/neodymium magnet material
  • Most common BPM motor design in traction
IPM V-Magnets
  • Highest per density and efficiency
  • Extensive use of rare earth/neodymium magnet material
  • Utilized when very high power, compact motors are required


Three Cooling Methods

Air Cooling
  • Simplest installation in vehicle
  • Better for lower power applications
Water/Glycol Cooling
  • Improved heat removal enables use of smaller motors
  • Better for higher power applications
Oil Cooling
  • Suitable clean oil enables the highest level of heat removal and the most compact motors
  • Best for applications where an oil supply already exists

Wide Range of Supply Voltages


Used in a wide range of applications up to a power level of 15 to 20kW

48V to 120V

Used in higher power material handling applications

120V to 800V

Used in vehicles typically running power levels above 40 to 50kW

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