Motor Controls

DC and AC Motor Control Solutions

  • High performance current field oriented control
  • Optimal space vector modulation
  • Multi-voltage, flexible under and overvoltage power limits
  • Dynamic power output limitation for temperature control
  • Over current and Over voltage protection
  • Aux output over current protection
  • CAN Bus Communication
  • User Programmable to match application requirements and performance
  • For information on Control Techniques-branded drives, click here.
  • DC Motor Control Solutions

    Load sensing via current monitoring
    Dual DAC outputs for signal monitoring
    CAN Interface
    User Programmable to match application requirements and performance



    Voltage: 12V or 24V DC
    Current Rating:300A
    Outputs:     1 Aux Output Driver /3A Max
                        LED Driver for Remote Status
                        Dual DAC outputs
                        Line Contactor Driver

    Inputs:3 switch inputs
    Accel Input:5V, 3 wire 5K, 2 wire 5K
    Enclosure Rating:IP54

  • Low Voltage AC 300A Model Controller

    Voltage: 48-60 VDC

    Current Rating:     2 Min. RMS Current Rate 70v - 275A

                                  2 Min. RMS Current Rate 48v - 300A

                                  60 Min. RMS Current Rate - 120A

  • Low Voltage AC 400A Model Controller
    • Peak Efficiency Warm: 91%+
    • Speed Range (RPM): 0-7,000
    • DC Bus Voltage (VDC): 24-102
    • Enclosures: IP00-IP67
    • Typical Applications: Traction, Pump
    • Shaft Options: DIN, ANSI Internal/External Spline, Taper, custom
    • Drive End Mounting: SAE, Most Gearbox Standard Mounts, custom
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