System Control/HMI

System Control/HMI

Human machine interface (HMI) is an in-demand technology used across an array of industrial applications, allowing people to easily interact with machines via touch screen panels and other convenient displays. Given the rapid growth of the Internet of Things, it’s no surprise that the demand for HMI and system control is always quickly increasing. This is an exciting and innovative field that Nidec Drive Systems is well-equipped to help power.
We have extensive application experience using the latest HMI technologies. Nidec Drive Systems offers cost-effective OEM solutions with superior quality and competitive pricing. Our reliable and efficient products run the gamut from display-based technologies, switches and sensors to elastomer controls and other related components.
Display-based Technologies

  • Touch Sensors
    • Projective Capacitive
    • Resistive
    • Controllers
  • Displays
  • Coverglass and Lens
  • Optical Bonding
    • Loca
    • Dry Film


Switches and Sensors

  • Membrane Switches
    • Tactile/Non-Tactile
    • PCB and Flex (Kapton)
    • Embedded Components
  • Mechanicals and Hybrids
  • Pointing and Other Input Devices

Elastomer Controls



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