Delivering  high efficiency power generation
for sustainable wind power success 


The Brief

As the world looks to green energy production, Wind Power continues to grow and demand the lastest technologies in power generation equipment. Operation in challenging environments put mechanical and electrical components to the test with  salt, dust, wide ambient temperature swings, highly variable load cycles, and high over-voltage. In these conditions, reliability is  what will differentiate a successful installation from a maintenance-clogged farm in the long term.


​17% growth in 2015. Wind power is one of the world's fastest growing power generation sectors


Our competitive Edge

  • Long history in wind generation market both onshore and offshore
  • Generators specifically designed to meet the demands of the wind turbine market
  • High efficiency, High Reliability, Compact Design, Efficient Cooling, Easy Maintenance, Low Noise


Our offering

Power 1 - 10 MW​
Voltage​ ​ 400 - 11,000 Volts
​ ​Fixed or Variable Speed
Dedicated liquid cooling system​ ​


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