Power generation expertise and solutions to the Military

Military expertise

Today's world can be a dangerous place. That is why defense forces around the globe must always be ready to respond. From military ships to aircraft, Leroy-Somer and KATO™ generators are providing main, auxiliary and emergency power to the World’s militaries.

As an example, Kato Engineering's naval vessel applications run the gamut from pulse generators for aircraft launching platforms, standby units for critical shipboard power needs and continuous duty machines for main vessel power. KATO™ shipboard generators feature high-shock bearings and a rugged frame to absorb and dissipate the sea's punishing forces. The US Navy proves these claims in rugged shock tests (download video file) prior to accepting KATO™ generators as a standard.

Regulatory requirements and technical specifications

We design power generation systems that comply with major military standards (MIL-STD, NAVSEA,...).

Upon request, specific approvals can be obtained.


An approved, certified network of Service Centers provide repairs and maintenance of products for the Military industry. Everywhere in the world, there is a service center able to take care of your needs.

Product Literature & Resources

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