Food & Beverage
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The food and beverage industry is often harsh on your equipment, something that can lead to increased maintenance costs if your food and beverage motors can’t stand up to the challenging conditions. Nidec has been creating durable and reliable motors for decades. Our food and beverage motors are constructed of sturdy materials and are designed to last. You’ll notice the cost-saving benefits of using a Nidec food and beverage or washdown motor thanks to that longevity, which greatly reduces your maintenance hassles.


Our HURST® brand began pleasing customers in 1950 when a Princeton, Indiana family tool shop first opened its doors. Three generations of that family have continued offering high levels of customer service and quality products in the decades since. Now part of the Nidec corporation, the HURST brand produces food and beverage motors that withstand harsh conditions. You can depend on this brand for long-lasting motors that will keep your systems running like clockwork.


The LEROY-SOMER™ brand has been manufacturing quality food and beverage motor and automation solutions for nearly a century. Whether you need food and beverage motors that maximize your system up-time and reduce your production costs or fully integrated drive and motor systems, you can count on the LEROY-SOMER brand to deliver. Our highly efficient products utilize cutting-edge technology that help drive improvements in your manufacturing processes and bottom line.


Our MERKLE-KORFF™ brand has been pioneering electric motors since 1911. This brand revolutionized gearmotors by creating them in the 1920s and thereafter developed the simple cup-drop motor seen in soft drink machines starting in the 1950s. Now, the MERKLE-KORFF brand excels at crafting reliable, high-performing food and beverage motors that are used in applications running the range from crushing and dispensing ice to warewashing equipment and heating/cooling product displays.


Under this first-class brand, we offer food and beverage and washdown motors that will keep your products or services running reliably. U.S. MOTORS® brand washdown duty motors are designed for use in food processing and other applications where motors are routinely exposed to washdown, certain chemicals, moisture, and humidity. Washdown motors provide durability and flexibility to help maximize uptime and reduce overall operating costs. Offered in painted, paint-free, and all stainless steel, U.S. MOTORS washdown motors are certified to meet the requirements of the Baking Industry Sanitation Standards (BISSC).